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Timesheet Deadlines

Calendar - Timesheet Deadlines
Timesheet Begin Date – Date the timesheet reporting period begins.

Timesheet End Date – Date the timesheet reporting period ends.

Employee Submission/Supervisor Approval Deadline – Employees submit timesheets to supervisors with sufficient time for supervisory review and approval process.  Supervisors submit timesheets (reviewed and approved) to Timekeeper(s) by end of day.

Timekeeper Entry Deadline – Timekeeper final timesheet deadline to enter supervisory approved timesheets into the PeopleSoft system. 

Split-Week: Hourly Employees have the possibility of having to submit two separate timesheets within the same work week if a pay period ends and another begins in the same work week.

Timesheet Deadlines Downloadable Calendars:
Hourly & Salary Employees
Hourly Employees Only      
Salary Employees Only


* All time must be entered and exceptions cleared by deadline time
** Two timesheets for Hourly are due during this week based on payroll end dates

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