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UTSA Financial Affairs Main

Financial Affairs provides competent stewardship of UTSA's resources and is committed to excellence in service – every person, every day, every job. We promise excellent customer service through efficient response times and successful solutions for all financial processing needs.

MISSION: Financial Affairs provides sound financial management, reporting, and analysis to assure the proper stewardship of university resources. We partner with our customers to offer quality financial services and business solutions while continually looking for better ways to streamline processes.

VISION: Leading proactive and innovative financial management solutions through education and collaboration.

CODE OF ETHICS: Financial Affairs management and staff recognize the responsibility entrusted to them with fiduciary oversight for the University's resources and subscribe to the NACUBO Code of Ethics to guide our conduct and follow university ethics policies.


What's New
07/16/2015: Departmental Cash Handling Security Policy - Updated Building number under instructions.
07/10/2015: Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts - Fiscal Management Systems Access and Maintenance Request - Updated Section 5 and added the following four categories: Investments Note (DINNS/INVS), Long-Term Liability Note (LTLN), Bond Reporting System (BOND/BRS), Lease Note Submission System (LNSS).
06/25/2015: Project Funding Form - Customer section expanded to allow more room for write-ins. Removed document section for budget journal and general journal for transfer.
06/23/2015: Fiscal Management Sub-Certification Work Plan - Updated Management Certification and Fiscal Management Sub-Certification Survey section for 2015. Updated Sub-Certification and Results and Actions section and updated REFERENCES/LINKS section.
06/03/2015: Card Maintenance Request (CMR) - Fixed certification block to correctly display appropriate certification requests. Added ?Honors College? to ?College/Administrative Division? dropdown list.
05/22/2015: Budget - Annual Operating Budget - 32XX - Updated DEFINE information for transition to PeopleSoft.
05/21/2015: Travel Reimbursement/Settlement (TRS) - Updated verbiage with regards to PeopleSoft.
04/28/2015: Travel Checklist - Removed old section 5 (create Interim Form). Updated existing numbering system to accommodate change.
04/21/2015: Business Related Hospitality and Entertainment Expenditures - Updated FMOG verbiage in section B, H, and I.
04/13/2015: Departmental Cash Handling Request Form - Expanded on verbage under section 6.

In All We Do, We Do With Excellence - Every Person - Every Day - Every Job