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Payroll Office

Federal Income Tax Withholding

General Information: As an employer, UTSA is a withholding agent for Federal Income tax to the IRS. Form W-4 must be completed by each UTSA employee in order for the Payroll Office to determine how much income tax to withhold from each paycheck. 

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W-4 Information: Per IRS regulations, if a W-4 is not completed in a timely manner, completed incorrectly, or altered to which it is invalidated, the Allowance will be defaulted with Single filing status with zero (0) allowances, until a valid W-4 is submitted.

Change Withholding Election

Employees have the following two options to change their withholding income tax amount:

  • Option 1: Electronically via UT Direct.

  • Option 2: Submit a revised W-4 Form to the Payroll Office.


Payroll Estimate Calculator: In the Define information system, the YI3 command is a Monthly Employee Payroll Estimate calculator that will allow you to process what-if scenarios. You can run calculations based on changing your marital status and number of allowances. YI3 does not change your existing information. A withholding change requires the submission of a new W-4 selection to the Payroll Office

IRS Withholding Calculator: For more information to guide you on how many allowances you should claim on your Form W-4 IRS Withholding Calculator


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