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Payroll Office

Foreign National Employee: Visa H-1B

VISA Type H-1B - Temporary Worker in a Specialty Occupation

Individuals in the United States as a Specialty employee under the auspices of the United States Information Agency and a designated program sponsor.

Payment Restriction

Wage payments from the sponsoring institution only

Study Restrictions

Individual may engage in incidental study while maintaining H visa status.

Employment Restrictions

Employment permitted only with the sponsoring institution that obtained INS approval for the visa classification.  Individual prohibited from receiving payments from other organizations. 

Individual may receive INS approval to work in H-1B status for more than one employer.  Each employer must petition INS and receive approval for the employment.  INS Form I-797A authorizes employment.  EAD is not required. 

Tax Implications

Individual’s wages are taxed at the graduated Federal Income withholding rates, and are subject to OASI tax.

Required Documentation The following documents must be presented to the Payroll Department before any payments can be issued

Required Supporting Documentation

Item Description
1 Passport with I-797A Visa with Photo
2 Visa with Photo
3 Foreign National Information Form
4 Form W-4


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