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Payroll Office

Foreign National Employee: Visa J-1

VISA Type J-1 - Short-term Scholar, Professor, Researcher or Specialist

Individuals in the United States as a Short-Term Scholar, Professors, Researches, or Specialist under the auspices of the United States Information Agency and a designated program sponsor.  

Payment Restrictions

Wage payments from the sponsoring institution only (UTSA only)

Study Restrictions

Individual may engage only in part-time incidental study provided program can be completed within limitations of stay.  Individual may not enroll in a formal degree-granted academic program while in a J-1 status as a professor, researcher, short-term scholar or specialist.  

Employment Restrictions

Individual may be employed only by the designated program sponsor or appropriate designee, and within the guidelines of the program approved by the USIA for the period of validity as stated on the DS-2019.  Under limited circumstances, may receive compensation from other institutions provided prior written authorization from the Responsible Officer of their designated program has been secured.  Form DS-2019 authorizes employment.  EAD is not required.

Tax Implications

Individual is taxed on wages using the graduated Federal Income withholding rates. 

Individual may be eligible for treaty benefits.

Individual is not subject to OASI tax while in exempt status – limited  two calendar years.

Required Documentation The following documents are required to be presented to the Payroll Office prior to payments can be issued

Required Supporting Documentation

Item Description
1 Passport with I-94 Card, Visa with Photo
2 DS-2019 from UTSA
3 Foreign National Information Form
4 Form W-4



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