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Payroll Office: Fringe Benefit Information

Definition: Fringe Benefits are payroll Employer Paid Expenses while employing an employee above the employee's salary or wage compensation.  Fringe Benefits are charged proportionally to the funding tied to the Combo Codes provided to Budget via the Department Budget Table funding process.

For budgeting purposes only, you may estimate your department's Fringe Benefit expense by the following categories.

Benefit Eligible Employees: Multiply Total Compensation by each row of benefit rates for Lines 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and add product of $1,056.10 multiplied by the number of months of employment for the academic year for Line 6. Apply Line 7 if applicable, and sum all products.

Non-benefit Employees: Multiply Total Compensation by each row or benefit rates for Lines 1, 3, and 4, and sum all products.

Student Employees: Multiply Total Compensation by each row or benefit rates for Lines 1, and 4, and sum all products. Qualified students during an enrollment period month may be exempt from OASI, Line 1.

Line Benefit Rate Limits


OASI 6.20% (0.062) Social Security
1.45% (0.01450) Medicare
7.65% (0.0765) Total OASI
Social Security Wage Base $128,400 (effective 01/01/18)
No Limit for Medicare tax


Retirement Regular Employees
  1. 6.8% (0.068) TRS matching
  2. 8.5% (0.085) ORP matching
Working TRS Retirees (FTE >= 0.5)
  1. Pension Surcharge: 14.5% (0.145)*
  2. TRS Care Surcharge: Variable*
    1. Per TRS table by employee
    2. Call Benefits for amount
  3. *Employee will pay partial amount for surcharges.
Wage Base $275,000


Unemployment Compensation Insurance (UCI) .507% (0.00507) – Effective 09/01/2018

Rate is subject to change without notice to fund unemployment claims.
Wage Base $9,000


Workers Compensation Insurance (WCI) 0.181% (0.00181) – Effective 09/01/2018 No Limit


Vacation Sick Leave (VSL) 1.20% (0.012) – Effective Date 9/1/2018 No Limit


Premium Sharing Rates
Only for employees in Benefits' Eligible Positions
FTE = sum of Full Time Equivalent ratio of all job assignments
Insurance Coverage
Employee's FTE

Employee Only

Employee &

Employee &
Child / Children

Employee &

Effective 9/1/18
FTE: 0.75 to 1.0
$598.14 $911.69 $798.76 $1,114.18
Effective 9/1/18
FTE 0.5 to 0.749
$299.07 $455.85 $399.38 $557.09


University Salary Supplement* USS None $50.00 $75.00 $125.00
*University Salary Supplement (USS) only applies to selected grandfathered active employees with medical coverage premiums meeting Supplemental Premium Sharing allowance prior to 9/1/2003. Employee is no longer eligible for USS allowance, if employee reduces medical coverage level to Employee Only or receives a salary increase to $50,000 or above. Once employee becomes ineligible for USS allowance, employee is considered ineligible from date of first ineligibility.
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