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Payroll Office

Non-Employee Compensation

Non-Employee Compensation is a payment for personal services.  Personal services may be provided by an Independent Contractor, Honorarium for speaking, Participation Fees, and many other types of compensation other than payment for labor.

Non-Employee Compensation begins with an Agreement or Contract to pay the Non-Employee individual. To select the appropriate Agreement or Contract for services, visit the Contract section of the Purchasing Office.

Foreign Nationals

Regardless of the classification of payment, all payments, both wages and non-employee compensation, to Foreign Nationals (all Non-US citizens) are processed through the Payroll Office to ensure proper and special reporting and possible tax withholding.

Purchase Order Restriction Foreign Nationals are not to be paid via PO or PB4s. An Agreement must be submitted with a corresponding VP2 document.

More Information View Foreign National Payments section for more detailed information.   


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