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Payroll Office

Parking Permit Pay Deduction

Employees may elect to purchase their Parking Permit via monthly payroll check deductions.

Enrollment & Cancellation

Employees may purchase Parking Permits and via Business Auxiliary Services Department Business Auxiliary Svc.

Cancellation and modifications of Permit Type must be completed in the via Business Auxiliary Services Department before the 15th of the month to affect the current months Monthly payroll. (i.e. changes by April 15th for the May 1st payday)  


Employees may elect either Pre-Tax or Post-Tax Calculation Parking deductions. Election of Pre-Tax or Post-Tax is a month by month basis. Elections cannot be retroactively elected or cancelled.

Pre-Tax Parking: When an employee selects a Pre-Tax deduction, the tax calculation will reduce the employee's Federal Income Tax Withheld deduction, Social Security (OASDI & Medicare) deduction, and Taxable Income amount which will result in an increase of Net Pay.

Post-Tax Parking: When an employee selects Post-Tax deduction, the deduction is applied after the tax calculation resulting in no change in an employee's Net Pay based on the tax calculation


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