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Payroll Office

Payroll Voucher - Manual

A Manual Payroll Voucher is a procedure in which departments use to pay an employee from a paper document source. The two forms used to create a Manual Payroll Voucher are the Payroll Voucher and Termination Payroll Voucher.  See Forms at the side-menu.

Manual Voucher Deadline Time 

The Manual Payroll voucher deadline is 10:00 am the day of the Payroll Voucher Cutoff date.

Occasional Employees

Occasional employees do not have appointments to allow pay to be processed via DEFINE OV1 or OV5s. When the Payroll Office receives a Payroll Voucher form, Payroll Office confirms the employee's voucher against the Human Resources (HR) database of eligible Occasional Employees that have been processed by HR and approved for payment.

For processing purposes, Payroll Office requires the original Payroll Voucher and original accompanying time sheet(s).

Vacation Payouts for Terminated Employees

A Termination Payroll Voucher form is required for each employee who is terminated.  The Termination Payroll Voucher is utilized to pay Vacation, Floating Holiday, and other types hours due to an employee upon termination. Vacation Payouts must be approved by Human Resources prior to delivery to the Payroll Office.

Awards or Incentive Pay

Payroll Voucher form is used to pay special pay items: Awards or Incentive Pay. For processing purposes, a Payroll Voucher form and Award/Incentive plan documentation must be provided.  







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