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Payroll Office

Payroll Voucher - OV1

Departmental Requirements

1. Gather Time Sheets It is the supervisor's responsibility to obtain and process the employee's time sheet to meet the payroll deadlines to pay the employee for the payday of the respective pay period. It is recommended department collect time sheets on the last day of the pay period before employees leave their work place.

2. Verify Time Sheets

Step Action
1 Review days and hours worked to ensure accurate reporting
2 Add hours reported to ensure accurate totals
3 Verify time sheet has been signed by Employee and Supervisor
4 If applicable, for corrections return to employee and have both employee and supervisor initial all changes.

3. Create & Process - OV1

Step Action
1 Type "OV1" in DEFINE command line
2 Enter Account Number for pay to be charged
3 Type "New" in the Action field
4 Type "X" to select Payment Request Worksheet
5 Press [Enter] key to create OV1 document
6 Enter Non-Overtime hours worked only for each employee. Hours must be converted to decimal format, see below for more information.
7 Verify for accuracy, then approve (APP) the OV1
8 Print Cover Sheet and Payment Worksheet for record retention with the time sheets for the payroll period -current year plus four years.

Ensure OV1 has an Approved status and ready for processing by the Payroll Voucher Deadline

Work Hours Conversion Prior to entering worked hours into the OV1, the employee's total minutes of hours worked need to be converted from time format to a decimal number. Conversion Formula: Minutes / 60 = converted decimal. Example: employee worked 8 hours and 5 minutes; 5 divided (/) 60 = 0.08, then add 0.08 to the 8 hours, equals 8.08. Enter 8.08 into the OV1.

Corrections Once the OV1 is final approved at the department level, it is ready for processing. At this stage, it cannot be retrieved or deleted. If a correction for an employee's time is needed, contact Payroll Office immediately. Payroll can delete the erroneously payment prior to the payroll processing.







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