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Payroll Office

Payroll Voucher - OV5

In the course of the OV1 process, if it is found an employee has worked Overtime, the OV5 is the processing facility to pay the employee.

For information on how to calculate, visit Overtime

Prior Authorization Required

A "Request for Overtime Authorization" must be on file at the Payroll Office prior to an employee earning Overtime. Payroll Office will not process an OV5 unless a department has an Overtime Authorization on file. Payroll Office is the final approval on all OV5 vouchers. 

Departmental Requirements

1. Complete OV1  Department should complete Steps 1 - 2 to ascertain if Overtime hours have been earned by an employee. If the hours are not to be banked into Comp time, the Overtime hours are to be paid out on the respective payday of the pay period of the Overtime hours earned.

2. Create & Process - OV5

Step Action
1 Type "OV5" in DEFINE command line
2 Enter Account Number for pay to be charged
3 Type "New" in the Action field
4 Type "X" to select Payment Request Worksheet
5 Press [Enter] key to create OV5 document
6 Enter the EID of the employee
7 Enter the Job Class of the employee, must agree with the appointment on AL1
8 Enter Overtime hours earned. Hours must be converted to straight rate & decimal format, see below for more information.
9 Verify for accuracy, then approve (APP) the OV5
10 Print Cover Sheet and Payment Worksheet for record retention with the time sheets for the payroll period -current year plus four years.

Ensure OV5 has departmental approval and routed to Payroll for processing before Payroll Voucher Deadline

Overtime Hours Conversion Prior to entering worked hours into the OV5, the employee's total hours and minutes of Overtime earned need to be converted from Overtime format to a straight-rate decimal number.

Step 1. Convert Minutes Conversion Formula: Minutes / 60 = converted decimal. Example: employee earned 1 hour and 25 minutes; 25 divided (/) 60 = 0.42, then add the decimal minutes 0.42 back to the 1 hour, which equals 1.42.

Step 2. Apply Overtime Factor If applicable, multiply 1.5 to the final product of Step 1 from above, 1.42  OT: 1.5 x 1.42 equals (=) 2.125. Enter 2.13 into the OV5.

Not all Overtime is paid at 1.5 rate. Visit the Overtime section for further details.






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