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Payroll Office

Relocation Reimbursement

Initial Tests of Relocation Reimbursement Eligibility For Relocation Reimbursement to be considered a Qualified Relocation, per the IRS, the employee must meet both requirements of the following Initial Tests. If an employee does not meet one of the tests, the Relocation expenses are not considered Relocation Expenses and not reimbursable by UTSA, and the hiring department may not offer a Relocation Reimbursement amount.

Time Test: Prospective employee must be hired for a Full-time position (100% appointment - 40 hours a week) and for a duration of at a minimum of 39 weeks (9.75 months) of employment.
Distance Test: Employee's new work place must be at least 50 miles further from the employee's former residence, view Distance Test Diagram.

Caution when hiring between Austin and San Antonio metropolitan areas.




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