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Payroll Office

Relocation Reimbursement

Reimbursement Criteria and Limits

Employee Scope Relocation expenses may be offered to Faculty and Administrative & Professional positions for an amount not to exceed 10% of the employee's Computed Annualized Salary. (Computed Annualized Salary is Monthly Salary multiplied by 12.)

Exception to the Reimbursement limit should be based on position's job market availability and/or employee's specialized skills. Reimbursement amount in excess of the 10% limitation requires pre-approval by the Vice-President of Business Affairs or President. 

Allowable Reimbursable Expenses Allowable expenses include reasonable Relocation Expenses incurred only between the employee's prior home locations to the new home location.
Relocation Expense sub-categories are: Transportation of Household Goods, Travel, Lodging, Meals*, Pre-move House Hunting*, Temporary Housing*, and Short-term Storage. (* denote taxable reimbursable items)

Unreasonable expenses include, but not limited to, side trips, extended stays, extravagant or lavish lodging while on route to the new home location.

The Payroll Office reviews and submitted expenses and determines reasonableness and taxability, per US IRS Code, Subtitle A, Chapter 1B, Part VII, Section 217, and issues payment.


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