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Payroll Office

Relocation Reimbursement

Reimbursement Procedure

Upon completion of the employee's move to his or her new household, the employee submits a Local Funds Voucher via his department to the Payroll Office.

The Payroll Office reviews and processes the Reimbursement Voucher, determines reasonableness and taxability, per US IRS Code, Subtitle A, Chapter 1B, Part VII, Section 217, and issues payment.

It is the department's responsibility to ensure all the required documentation is supplied with the employee's Relocation Reimbursement Local Funds Voucher. Lack of required documentation will cause a delay in the reimbursement process until supplied.  

Local Funds Voucher Relocation Instructions

Item Description
1 Completed Local Funds Voucher
2 Employee's signature on Local Fund Voucher
3 Account Signer's signature on Local Fund Voucher
4 Attached: Employee's Employment Offer letter with stated Relocation Amount
5 Attached: Original Receipts; Original Receipts are required and only accepted in the name of the employee.
6 Attached: Item of approval by Approval Authority (if Approval Authority did not sign Offer Letter): Proof may be provided by email, a separate memo, or signature on Local Funds Voucher for reimbursement.




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