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Summer Insurance Policy Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: I am full-time faculty, and my summer appointment will be for the first summer session only. Can I Option Out of Quadruple Deductions from my May payroll check (June 1)?

Answer 1: No, Summer I appointment will not provide a paycheck for the month of August, and unless you have a paycheck for the month of August, we have no way to collect your premiums and process the corresponding Premium Sharing.

Question 2: I will have a Summer II appointment only. Can I elect to have two months of premiums deducted (May and June) on my June 1 paycheck and have July and August premiums deducted from my summer pay?

Answer 2: No, Hybrid options cannot be accommodated at this time. The payroll-benefit program was designed for faculty who do not have summer appointments. We only have two options: Quadruple or May only deductions.

Question 3: I will be appointed to a grant during the summer.  Will the Premium Sharing be charged to the grant?

Answer 3: If the grant summer appointment is 100%, Premium Sharing will be charged to the grant funding.

Question 4: I am a part-time faculty member, and I receive only 50% premium sharing. If I have a full-time summer appointment, will I receive 100% Premium Sharing?

Answer 4: Yes, in the event your status changes from Part-time to Full-time for the summer, you will be “upgraded” to full-time status for Premium Sharing purposes. Assuming that you have a 100% appointment for June and July, but only a 50% appointment for August, your Premium Sharing will be reduced to 50% for the month of August only.

Question 5: What if I am a full-time faculty member and my summer appointments are for only 50%? Will my premium sharing be reduced to 50%?

Answer 5: No. If you are a full-time faculty member on May 31, your status for insurance purposes will remain 100% for the entire summer.

Question 6: If I had Quadruple deductions from my June 1 paycheck, but my family status changes during the summer, what happens?

Answer 6: If you have a family status change (i.e. new baby) during the summer, contact Human Resources to update your coverage, and then contact Payroll to make arrangements to cover any additional costs. If your coverage is reduced, you will receive a refund of any Out-of-Pocket costs once Payroll is notified of these changes and makes the necessary corrections.

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