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Summer Insurance Policy

Summer Out-of-Pocket Insurance Premium Payments

Scope: This policy applies to benefits eligible Faculty, who do not have 12-month Salary Election (Salary Spread) and are paid on their primary appointment ending May 31. The faculty must be returning back in the Fall Semester.

Quadruple Deduction: To accommodate those Faculty who are eligible for summer insurance coverage, Payroll Office will process a Quadruple (x4) deduction of the employees Out-of-Pocket insurance premiums on the Faculty's May payroll check (payable on June 1) for the insurance deductions of May, June, July and August.

Summer Appointment Option Out: Every academic employee who has a 9-month Salary Election and benefits eligible appointment will receive a Summer Insurance Option Out email from the Payroll Office in April. This email will include an offer to option out of the Quadruple Deduction. Option Out elections are irrevocable. Academic employees must meet the following three (3) events to have the option out to occur.

    1. Employee must have or will have one or more appointments during the entire summer. Appointment(s) must span June through August, and the appointments(s) must pay enough to cover your out-of-Pocket premium deductions.
    2. Employee must have received the Summer Insurance Option email from the Payroll Office indicating your eligibility for Summer Insurance Coverage. The email is sent no later than end of April.
    3. Employee must reply to this email confirming he or she will have one or more appointments during each of the summer months, and he does not want the summer Out-of-Pocket insurance premiums to be deducted from his May payroll check. Employee must respond no later than the deadline date indicated in the email.

Special Notes

Non-Response: Non-response to the Summer Insurance Option email deadline, the employee will be deemed to have defaulted to elect Summer Insurance Out-of-Pocket premiums quadrupled deductions for their June 1 payroll check.

Non-coverage: If an employee waives coverage, or coverage is canceled due to non-payment, the employee must reinstate insurance coverage during Annual Enrollment. Failure to do so will result in No insurance coverage or reduced insurance coverage effective September 1.  

Concurrent Administrative Appointment: Faculty who have both an administrative and faculty appointment with a 9-month Salary election, call the Payroll Office directly for an individual consultation.

Retiring Faculty: Faculty employee with 9-month Salary election who plan on retiring on June 1, do not elect quadruple insurance deductions. Notify Payroll Office of your intentions to retire.  As a Retiree, your insurance expense amount will differ.

Terminating Employment: If an academic employee is terminating employment on May 31 (not be returning for the Fall semester), then all benefit programs will terminate May 31.

No Out-of-Pocket: If academic employee does not have Out-of-Pocket costs, insurance premiums and associated Premium Sharing will be deducted on the employee's June 1 paycheck, and there will be no Out-of-Pocket costs to the employee.  The cost of your insurance is paid in entirety by UTSA, and no action is necessary on your behalf to ensure continuous coverage through August 31. We request your response to acknowledge and confirm your benefit deduction and premium status.

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