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Q: How do I update my organization's profile, including adding a picture?

A: Go to the organization's page then click "About" then "Edit" (at top of page). The profile picture is towards the bottom of the page.


Q: Am I able to add events to the calendar?

A: Yes, but with some limitations. Only the primary contact or other position designated to do so can create an event. Go to the organization's page and click "Events" then "Create Event". There are different types of events that can be designated, below is information regarding each level:

  • Public – Student organization cannot post at this level. It is reserved for informational pieces and selected large scale campus events (Homecoming, Best Fest, etc).
  • Campus – These events have to be reviewed by Student Activites before being added to the campus event list. For events, you can add an image that will appear on the bulletin board. However, general meetings at the campus level cannot include a graphic. Events must meet the posting guidelines. In addition, there should not be any reference to alcohol in the description of the event. It is recommended that all events at the campus level include the organization's name in the Event Name.
  • Organization – Any event at this level is automatically approved. These events must meet the UTSA posting guidelines.


Q: How do I change the primary contact?

A: Note: The member that will become the primary contact needs to already be a member of the organization in Collegiate Link. Only the current primary contact can make this change. Go to the organization's page then click "Roster", then "Manage Roster". There is a Change icon at the top of the page, click it and pick from the drop down menu the name of the person that will become the primary contact --- it should be the highest ranking officer of the organization.


Q: Can I create positions within the organization such as President, Vice President, Secretary, etc?

A: Yes, you would go to the organization's page then click "Roster", then "Manage Positions", then "Create New Position". Under "Position Name", enter the title of the position you wish to create and pick the "Position Type". Determine if you want this position to appear on the roster and what level of access this position will have within the organization's page in Collegiate Link. Click Create!! Continue this process until all positions have been created. There is no limit on the number of positions you can create.


Q: I have created positions, but how do I match them with the people in those positions?

A: Go to the organization's page then click "Roster", then "Manage Roster". Then click "Edit Positions" next to the person's name, select the position that matches them.


Q: How do I invite people to join my organization?

A: Go to the organization's page then click "Roster", then "Invite People". Enter the or email address for all those you wish to invite. Note: when you send an invitation, the person is directed to the organization's page, they then have to click "Join Organization".


Q: How do I remove people from the roster?

A: Go to the organization's page then click "Roster", then "Manage Roster". Click the box to the left of the name of the people you want to delete. Then click "Delete" (towards the top of page).


Q: What tells me that people have joined or if the people I invited accepted?

A: Go to the organization's page- click "Roster" then "Manage Roster". There are three tabs across the top. One is pending – those are the member that have been invited but have not yet done anything with the invitation. Another is prospective – these are individuals that want to join. You can either approve or deny their request.


Q: Can I hide my membership to organizations?

A: Yes. Click your name in the upper left hand corner and scroll down and click "Privacy Settings". From there, you can indicate which of your organization memberships you want to show or hide.


Q: Where do I find the form to make a deposit or withdrawal?

A: You must be logged into the website. Find "Student Activities" in the organization list. Click "Forms". Find the form you need. Complete it and hit the "Next" button. To finalize your request click "Submit for Approval"


Q: Is there a general spot that I find forms?

A: Many organizational forms will be found on Student Activities' page in Collegiate Link under Documents or Forms. You may find some things at Student Organization Council as well.


Q: I still have questions, where can I go?

A: There is a Collegiate Link Student User Guide located at Student Activities under Documents. There is also a help function in Collegiate Link (in the upper right hand corner). Lastly, you can email