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What is Rowdylink?

  • RowdyLink is an easy-to-use resource for students to find information about events and activities on campus
  • All current UTSA students are eligible to create a RowdyLink account using their UTSA ID (e.g. abc123) and passphrase information
  • All Registered and Sponsored Student Organizations have pages on Rowdylink

What are the benefits of RowdyLink?

  • Conduct student business for an organization, including invitations, membership security access, and officer elections
  • Promotion of organization events and activities to gain more member, publicity, etc.
  • One central hub for information about how to get involved at UTSA
  • Stay updated about events and activities happening across campus

What is the Involvement Transcript, and why should I use it?

  • A single online document that allows you to track all of your college involvement, leadership roles, community service, study abroad participation, etc.
  • All information you include on your transcript will automatically be added to your involvement transcript
  • Ability to use your involvement transcript when applying for certain positions and aids in the creation of a resume when you apply for jobs
  • Contact Student Activities at for more information or assistance on creating your involvement transcript!