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Fraternity & Sorority Councils

The University of Texas at San Antonio Fraternity & Sorority Councils Community's Accountability Standards is designed to give the community a snap shot of the engagement and involvement that our individual social fraternities and sororities participate in every semester. The standards were developed by our FS Councils staff and chapter presidents. The standards are based on our FS Councils Pillars which include: Leadership, Scholarship, Service and Social Development.

Groups report what they have done all semester and that information is captured in a GPA Format (however, keep in mind that it is an overall chapter GPA vs an academic GPA). When you open the report you will see an over GPA for each chapter and you will also see the GPA broken down in each of the pillar categories. The higher the GPA, the better the chapter is doing overall and in each chapter. You can also view the rubric to see how chapters are being measured in each category.

Accountability Standards Rubric