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Fraternity & Sorority Councils

IFC Fraternity Recruitment

  • Monday, September 10: Mandatory Recruitment Orientation – 7:00pm, Student Union Retama
    • Must Attend and Register for ahead of time
  • Tuesday, September 11 – Sunday, September 16: Chapters host Recruitment Events
  • Monday, September 17: STEPS, 6pm, Student Union Rowdy Lawn
    • Bid pick up 10am in the Fraternity|Sorority Life Office. *Bids will be issued by IFC officers*
    • Often fraternities will tell students they are recruiting that they have a bid from the fraternity. Please note that no student has an official bid from any fraternity until this date.

PHC Formal Recruitment

Registration is currently OPEN!

Panhellenic Sorority Primary Recruitment Schedule

Tuesday, September 10, 2018

Day One
Open House
Friday, September 14, 2018

Day Two
Saturday, September 15, 2018

Day Three
Sunday, September 16, 2018

Bid Day
Monday, September 17, 2018

MGC Recruitment

  • MGC will host an MGC Showcase where potential members will learn about the different chapters in the council. Form there if chapters choose to recruit that semester they will host informationals that are usually scheduled 1-2 weeks in advanced.

NPHC Recruitment

Joining an NPHC Chapter

The National Pan-Hellenic Council receives new members via a delayed recruitment that is most commonly referred to as Membership Intake. The intake process for the National Pan-Hellenic Council is informal in the sense that it can occur at any point throughout a semester per the discretion of each chapter. Interested persons should contact the chapter of the organization they are interested in if any questions regarding membership arise. The chapters are interested in individuals who exemplify exceptional leadership ability, and those who are committed to education and service. Below are the steps that will best prepare you for the Membership Intake Process.

Step One: NPHC 2 Truths & A Lie
The purpose of NPHC 2 Truths & A Lie is to give students information about the various groups, membership requirements, cultural insights, and benefits of joining Greek Life. NPHC 2 Truths & A Lie is also an opportunity for Fraternity & Sorority Life to discuss important information about Hazing guidelines and the challenges of joining a Greek-letter organization.

Step Two: Research
We encourage students to research each organization in order to discern which chapter is a best fit for you. You can do this by comparing national websites and chapter websites. Attending Meet the Greeks in the Fall. You can attend programs of chapters to gauge comfort zone with different chapters. You can also contact chapter members or the NPHC Executive Board.

Step Three: Interest Meetings & Rush
Attend interest meetings of the organization that you have serious interest in. In order to determine which organization you are interested in, we encourage students to research each organization in order to discern which chapter is a best fit for you. Please note that some organizations do not conduct interest meetings. Also note that some organizations may take your attendance at Interest Meetings/Rush as an indicator of a set decision for membership intake.

Step Four: Membership Intake
Each organization takes individuals through a Membership Intake process. The process is comprised of an Interest Meeting/Group or Rush and a formal application process.

1.    Interest Meeting

2.    Formal Rush

3.    Interview and Selections

4.    Educational Lessons

5.    Induction

6.    New Member Presentation

General Requirements

While membership requirements vary by organization, if you are interested in joining an NPHC chapter, you can expect requirements similar in nature to what follows:

  • At least 12 or more credit hours at UTSA.
  • Letters of recommendation (Active Members, Alumni, Professors)
  • 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Continuous Service
  • Men and women of good character
  • Active on Campus
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Complete an application for membership