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UTSA Roadrunner Body



1. Know your professors


2. Study daily for each class


3. Use a planner


4. Attend Roadrunner Camp


5. Get involved in a campus club or organization


6. Manage your money/finances well


7. Follow the Student Code of Conduct


8. Live on campus at least one year


9. Find healthy ways to relieve stress


10. Attend all classes


11. Know what is expected of you


12. Take 15 hours each semester or 12 hours each semester plus summer school


13. Become familiar with the UTSA Library


14. Ask questions and ask for help and support


15. Create a RowdyLink profile for campus involvement


16. Visit your advising center regularly


17. Take advantage of the TRC Supplemental Instruction (S.I.) program and tutoring services


18. Participate in a Learning Community


19. Know your deadlines and meet them


20. Participate in the Roadrunner Connections Mentor Program


21. Sit in the front of your classroom


22. Attend events on campus


23. Actively participate in Roadrunner Days


24. Know your degree plan requirements


25. Live by the Roadrunner Creed