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Mr. & Ms. UTSA

Candidate Criteria

Must embody the UTSA spirit, excel academically, encourage involvement, and support service UTSA. Must demonstrate that they carry out the Roadrunner Creed in their daily actions on campus.

Possess outstanding campus and community involvement

Have completed at least 24 hours at UTSA with a minimum 2.75 UTSA GPA.

Be full-time students who will not graduate before the fall 2016 term. They will serve until the homecoming football game in the fall of 2016.

Application, Resume, Letter of Recommendation and Interview

Applicants will submit his/her application, resume, cover letter and letter of reference, and participate in an interview with a panel. Based on scoring, the top candidates will be asked to create a platform presentation outlining a programmatic idea to impact campus based on the Roadrunner Creed. The individuals selected to move on to the Platform Presentation and Court Selection are considered Semi-Finalists.

Semi-Finalists Presentations and Court Selection

Semi-Finalists will give a presentation, not to exceed 10 minutes (TEDx Style) on a possible platform to be implemented in the Spring Semester using the tenants of the Roadrunner Creed. Platforms will cover one of the following areas:

  • Highest standards of academic and personal integrity.
  • Respect and acceptance of individual differences, recognizing the inherent dignity of each person.
  • Contribution to campus life and the larger community through active engagement.
  • Supporting the fearless exploration of dreams and ideas in the advancement of ingenuity, creativity, and discovery.

Top Mr. Candidates and Top Ms. Candidates will emerge from Selection Event as Finalists.

Student Vote

The final stage of the process shall be a student vote. Voting will occur over a two day period during the week of Homecoming. As scores are erased at each segment of the event, but kept on record, the student with the most votes shall be declared the winner. The student with the second-most votes will be declared the first runner-up. The student with the third most votes shall be declared the second runner-up. It is the candidates' responsibility to educate the voters on voting procedures, dates and times. UTSA faculty, staff, and sponsored student organizations are not permitted to endorse a candidate.


In the event of a tie, the winner will be the individual who scored higher in the Platform Presentation. While scores could be equal in the presentation panel, an odd number of judges shall be used and judges will be asked to declare one winner. This may or may not be needed, but will be carried out in the event of any ties.

Apply Now via Rowdy Link

When completing the online application, please note you will not be able to save it later, the system does not spell check, and all answers are required. Complete applications and Criminal Background Check Forms are due by 5:00pm Friday, July 14.

For more information, please contact Student Activities at 210-458-4160 or