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Leader and Organization Development

Leadership Development
Your involvement in the campus community through a student organization will be helpful in your growth and development as a leader. We know that your involvement will be instrumental in your learning and development.  The Office of Student Activities will help you develop leadership skills through experiential learning, peer mentoring, off-campus and on-campus leadership conferences such as the Leader Summit, and other events.  The Student Leadership Center is also an excellent resource in developing your leadership skills.

Leader Summit
Leader Summit is a free leadership conference that provides an opportunity for UTSA students to gain invaluable personal and leadership skills through educational sessions, roundtables, peer-to-peer interactions and a keynote presentation.

Speakers' Bureau
The Speakers' Bureau is designed to help students, faculty and staff find qualified speakers on a variety of subjects. The Speakers' Bureau provides a list of topics which UTSA faculty, staff and alumni are present free of charge. Topics areas: leadership, personal and professional development, current affairs, and social issues. The list provides the session titles, speaker's name, email and phone number. Copies can be obtained from the SOC Lounge.

PDF Icon A Reference Guide In Search of a Speaker
PDF Icon Speakers' Bureau Contact List

Leader Tips
Leader Tips are quick references available on-line for student organizations. The reference sheets help student leaders and student organizations develop in a variety of areas. Topic include how to write minutes, team building, brainstorming, etc..

Leadership Library
The Leadership Library is a growing collection of books, workbooks, newsletters, journals, and video and audio tapes on a wide variety of leadership and personal development topics. The library is open to all students, faculty, and staff, and is housed in the SOC Lounge Resources are available on such topics as icebreakers and team builders, diversity awareness, AIDS/HIV, and stress management.

Presentations by other Departments
While one of Student Activities' primary goals is to help student organizations be successful, other departments on campus also reach out to student organizations. Specifically, many campus departments offer programming for student organizations and their members. Below is a listing of those departments that may be able to assist you in reaching your goals.

Career Services
Crime Prevention
Health Services
Institutional Diversity
Judicial Affairs
Tomás Rivera Center
Student Life Guru