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Student Organizations

Guidelines for naming your Student Organization and using the UTSA logo

1) The name of the student organization must be unique-the name cannot duplicate the name of an existing student organization.

2) A student organization may state that its membership is composed of UTSA students or a combination of students, faculty, and/or staff but it shall not suggest or imply that it is acting with the authority or as an agency of the University. Student organizations are not official entities of the University and may not represent themselves as such.

3) Student organizations cannot use the words "The University of Texas at San Antonio" or "UTSA" as a part of the name of the organization, and it cannot display the seal or logo as part of any letterhead, sign, banner, pamphlet or other printed material that bears the name of the organization.

4) Student organizations may indicate existence at the University by adding the phrase "at The University of Texas at San Antonio (or UTSA)."

5) Sponsored student organizations may incorporate the University's name into the name of the organization.

6) Sponsored student organizations may use the name, seal and logo of the University in accordance with University communication, policies and guidelines established by the sponsoring University department or division.