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Fundamentals Marketable Skills Workshops

Action Steps

Self-Awareness: True Colors

Use the True Colors® model to discover your unique personality style and participate in hands-on activities that boost your self-awareness. We also explore different personality types and identify ways to strengthen peer collaboration. Click here for RowdyLink.

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Communication 1: Enhancing Understanding

Verbal messages encompass only 7% of how we communicate. This session focuses on increasing understanding and effectively conveying information to others. We'll examine verbal and non-verbal skills, active listening and methods to overcome communication barriers. Click here for RowdyLink.

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Communicating across Difference

This workshop is designed to help participants explore their values and communicate with others who have different values and opinions. Activities are interactive and include conflict management skills and campus resource guidance. Click here for RowdyLink.

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In this session, we identify characteristics of productive teams, share insight on how to navigate between leading and following, explore strategies to build team motivation and strengthen team accountability. Click here for RowdyLink.

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We use the I.D.E.A.L. problem-solving method and practice the model using real life examples. This session also includes ways to prepare for adapting and evaluating plans. Click here for RowdyLink.

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We make hundreds of decisions daily. Some require little effort. Other decisions are challenging and involve more risk and accountability. This session introduces an effective decision-making framework and examines best practices for individual and group decisions. Click here for RowdyLink.

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Planning a Project or Event

This highly interactive session encourages participants to work together on a mini-project using our seven-step planning guide. Twists and turns occur as we navigate through the steps. Participants then process the experience together to highlight their plan's strengths and improvement areas. Click here for RowdyLink.

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