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Intermediate Marketable Skills

Action Steps

  • At least 20 hours of community service through Volunteer Services
  • Update development plan based on skills learned from intermediate workshops

Communication 2: Clarifying Your Message

This workshop focuses on interacting in professional and personal settings. We revisit key points from Communication 1, explore target audience needs, and examine how to effectively reframe communication with peers, professors, and supervisors.

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Conflict Resolution

Although conflict can be a healthy part of working with a team many hesitate or avoid it. This interactive session expands on diffusing defensiveness barriers and identify ways to strengthen active listening skills. We'll practice conflict management methods that highlight issues and facts while respecting emotions.  

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Leading a Meeting or Discussion

Are you in charge of a meeting or group discussion? In this session we explore ways to successfully facilitate a purposeful and interactive meeting or discussion. We will also share tips on how to remain neutral while leading discussions and practice ways to encourage more group participation.

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Motivating Others

Motivation enhances personal and team success. In this session, we revisit motivational theories and examine how to recognize individual achievement based on motivation. We also highlight effective ways to provide and receive constructive feedback.

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Monitoring Progress

Are you successful in your goals and activities? How do you know? This session helps participants analyze current and past personal and team goals and effectively evaluate progress. We also identify how to create or modify goals based on evaluated results.

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Ethical Leadership

What is ethical leadership? In this session we examine definitions, necessary principles, and practice skills to navigate potentially challenging situations in the work place, school settings and personal life. We will also share campus resources that support student leaders in this area.

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