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Multidisciplinary Studies


The Bachelor of Arts degree in Multidisciplinary Studies is a multidisciplinary degree which allows students much flexibility in designing degree programs that relate to their personal academic and career goals. Students will complete the University Core Curriculum requirements and take a cohesive set of courses from three different disciplinary areas. The Multidisciplinary Studies major permits an interdisciplinary approach to education allowing students the opportunity to acquire a well‐rounded educational background and problem solving skills. The objectives of the program are to develop students that have a solid foundation in the content material of three different disciplines and are skilled in communication, critical thinking and analysis, investigating and solving problems, managing tasks, and relating to others. The program allows students to develop academic themes or topics that fall outside the usual disciplinary boundaries. The degree program will provide a vehicle to achieve baccalaureate degrees for those students whose interests lie in multiple areas and whose accumulated semester credit hours may not otherwise combine to qualify them for one of UTSA’s existing baccalaureate degrees.

This program is meant to encourage and support creativity, innovation, critical thinking, and integrative learning. The multidisciplinary nature of the program is designed to develop students’ ability to combine different fields into a structured format. Since the program involves coursework from departments across the university, it offers students opportunities to capitalize upon diverse personal interests and talents through a combination of study and academic experiences appropriate to meet their educational and long‐term career goals.

Students selecting the Multidisciplinary Studies major will be expected to achieve the following learning outcomes:

  • Gather information and demonstrate an understanding of concepts and principles from three different fields of study.
  • Apply concepts from three areas of focus and demonstrate their mastery of the knowledge and skills in a capstone course.
  • Show through a final project that they have integrated different areas of study in order to examine a question, problem, or phenomenon.
  • Demonstrate communication and computer competencies.