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Policies & Procedures

Policies and Procedures for Turning in or Receiving Surplus Items

For more information, including state laws, University rules, regulations and procedures, see operational guideline 5.3 – Surplus Property.
Surplus Property Turn-In Form   To have property picked up and deleted from your Department ID, a Surplus Property Turn-In Form must be completed & submitted to Surplus via campus mail. Only original signed forms are acceptable, Faxed or e-mail copies are not accepted.  The most current version of this form can be obtained from the "Forms" page of this website. Always use a new form from our website as the form must be revised from time to time to comply with requirements set forth by the State Comptroller's Office. The form has room for 10 separate line items, if more items are to be turned in, use the Surplus Property Turn-In Form Continuation Sheet located in the same place as our main turn-in form. There are 25 lines on the continuation sheet and there is no limit of continuation sheets that can be attached to your main turn-in form. Any questions about any of our forms, please call us @458-6282.
Pick-Up & Delivery   Pick-up and deliveries by Surplus is a free service to all departments within the university.
Requesting Items from Surplus   Surplus has provided many departments with both large and small quantities of used property, therefore saving valuable funds.  We can help your department as well. To request items from Surplus, go to the "REQUESTS" web link above and tell us what it is you need. Do not call us to see if we have a certain item in stock, our stock rotates very fast and most items are promised out before they ever get to our warehouse.
Phone calls to Surplus   If seven business days have passed since turning in your form and you have not heard anything from us, please call us @ 458-6282 to see what the status of your pick-up or delivery is.
We ask that you not call us to check if we received your form. Surplus is not staffed to provide this service and it pulls us away from our other duties. Please be patient and give our system a chance to work.
Batteries, Ink/Toner Cartridges   Due to environmental issues, Surplus cannot pick up these items.  To have these items picked up, please visit the Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) link below, fill in the information and hit the "SUBMIT" button.
Computer CPU's   It is no longer a requirement for departments to erase computer hard drives.  Surplus will destroy all computer hard drive data as required by the State Comptroller's Office. When preparing computers for surplus, place keyboards, mice & cables/wires in a box or container prior to pickup.
Vehicle Turn-In Preparation   Before vehicles can be accepted by Surplus, the following items must be accomplished:
  • All identifying UTSA decals & logos must be removed.
  • Texas Tax Exempt tags must be removed.
  • Police related equipment such as radios, video systems, etc. must be removed.
Refrigerators, Freezers, Incubators   Work Orders are no longer required and departments are no longer charged to have the freon removed.  These items can be listed on the Surplus Turn-In Form as normal property.  Surplus has a licensed contractor that properly disposes of the freon.
Hazardous Items   Items that contain or have once contained hazardous materials (i.e. biological, radioactive, corrosives, flammables, asbestos, chemicals, etc.) must be inspected & cleared by the Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management (EHSRM) office prior to Surplus turn-in. If you are unsure these conditions exist, consult with the experts or technicians that work with that particular piece of equipment. If a hazardous condition exists or has once existed, contact EHSRM @ 458-6101 to request an inspection.  DO NOT send us the Surplus Property Turn-In Form until the property has been inspected & cleared by EHSRM.  Once the items have been cleared by EHSRM, attach the inspection clearance documentation to the Surplus Turn-In Form. On the Surplus Property Turn-In Form, please ensure you check the block that identifies that the hazard has been identified & cleared.
Modular Furniture, Partitions   Modular furniture and partitions destined for surplus must be disassembled and the electricity disconnected prior to pick-up. Prepare and send a work order to Facilities Services to have this accomplished. When the property is ready to be picked up, contact Surplus @ 458-6282.
Large, Outsized & Unusual Needs   The Surplus Department has the personnel & equipment to handle & transport the majority of property items within UTSA.  However, some projects may require additional personnel, specialized equipment, contractors and or disposal fees. The requesting department may be billed for this accordingly.
Small Loose Miscellaneous Items   Pack all small loose items in cardboard boxes.
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