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Patrol Operations


MVC-006S.JPGWhat we do:
The Patrol Division is made up of uniformed officers that patrol the campus. These uniformed officers provide a vital link to the campus community with their service and citizen contacts. The Patrol Division is divided into three shifts. These three shifts ensure that the UTSA campus is protected 24 hours a day.


Foot Patrol

These Officers provide increased patrol on the inside of the university buildings. Although our security guards mainly conduct foot patrols, university police officers periodically go on foot patrol to check the buildings in their district.


Mobile Patrol

UTSA police cars are visibly marked and patrol the 1604 Campus and the Downtown Campus. Some patrol cars have RADAR units to better enforce traffic laws. Police officers that are assigned districts will patrol in a marked police vehicle. A police vehicle is a highly visible deterrent to crime.


Bicycle Patrol

Some officers are assigned to patrol the campus on bicycles. Bike patrol officers have the benefit of increased access to the interior of the campus, where it is difficult to maneuver a patrol car. This program allows for an increased visibility that helps to deter crime and in many instances a quicker response to emergency calls.


DTC/ITC Patrol

A patrol sergeant is assigned as the police department’s point of contact for the UTSA Downtown Campus and Institute of Texan Cultures. In addition, police officers and security guards are scheduled 24 hours a day at the downtown campus.