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Communication Center

Telephone Numbers EMERGENCY 210.458.4911

Duty Dispatcher  Non-Emergency  210.458.4242 

General Information

communications.JPGThe UTSA Police Department maintains a 24 hour a day, 365 day per year, Police Communications Center to serve the UTSA community. The Communication Center dispatches all Police, EMS, and Fire services. In addition, Enhanced 9-1-1 is provided to University Oaks and Chisholm Hall residents. Enhanced 9-1-1 permits the Police Communication Center Operator to immediately capture the address where the 9-1-1 call originated, the phone number at the location, and the resident name. Another distinct advantage of the E 9-1-1 system is the ability of the Police Communications Operator to recall a complainant/victim/witness in the event the original call was prematurely terminated or additional information is needed. This vital information assists the Police Communication Operator in directing the proper personnel to the proper location without further delay. The Center is equipped for the hearing impaired through the use of a TDD (Telephone Device for the Deaf).

The UTSAPD Communication Center has staffing for eleven full time state certified Police Communications Operators. Their work involves but is not limited to, answering emergency and non-emergency calls directed to the Police, Fire and EMS services on campus. They also monitor CCTVs, security access control gates and the campus security/fire console, as well as provide callers with the information or referral required to satisfy the inquiry. The ultimate responsibility for the protection of a person’s life, health, safety and property usually starts with a phone call to a Police Communications Operator in the Communication Center.