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What Is Business Continuity Planning?

Business continuity planning is the capacity to maintain functional operations during or shortly following disruptive events, and the capability to effectively resume business functions and research activities after such an event. Through planning efforts, university departments are ready to meet the challenges of any disruption.

UTSA Business Continuity Program
In order to assist university departments meet their planning needs, the UTSA Office of Business Continuity & Emergency Management has developed a business impact analysis and recovery survey tool to assist academic and administrative offices map their critical operations and begin the planning process. 

The components identified in the survey are applicable to any academic or administrative department.  Departmental surveys are designed to identify critical functions, policies, vulnerabilities, and recovery procedures.  Participation in the Business Continuity Program will help ensure the continued or uninterrupted operation and services of The University of Texas at San Antonio.  

Departments are encouraged to discuss and identify core functions and recovery processes internally to best determine solutions and best practices. All questions are to be answered for the department for all locations. The UTSA Office of Business Continuity & Emergency Management is available to assist departments throughout the planning process. 


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UTSA Office of Business Continuity & Emergency Management
Lorenzo D. Sanchez, MPA, CEM
Director of Emergency Management
Phone:  (210) 458-6756
Jacqueline Silva, MPA, CEM
Business Continuity & Emergency Management Specialist
Phone: (210) 458-6704