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UTSA Emergency Reponse Team


Emergency Response Team (ERT) is activated as needed to manage the University’s response to an emergency incident. It is comprised of members from several departments throughout the University community. Information Technology, Facilities, the Police Department, Human Resources, and many others are represented. It is the job of this group to evaluate information from various sources during an actual event and provide feedback and support to an Incident Commander. 


The ERT’s significant tactical support role during an emergency incident is carried out in the University’s state of the art Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC is equipped with a number of media sources, Smart Board Technology, and multiple voice and data lines.  It is led by the EOC Director who has responsibility for overall management of the incident.  Under the direction of the Emergency Operations Center Director, the Emergency Response Team consists of the Emergency Operations Manager, the University Public Information Officer (PIO), the University Safety Officer, a Student Affairs Representative, an Academic Affairs Representative, and Section Chiefs responsible for Planning/Operations, Logistics, and Finance/Administration functions.    The ERT personnel are organized under the National Incident Management System (NIMS), the Incident Command System (ICS).  These organizational structures are the same systems used by local, state, and federal emergency response elements.  It is organized in this way to ensure a seamless integration in the event that the UTSA team must combine with other agencies from across San Antonio, Texas, or the United States.  This group is responsible for the execution of the UTSA Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan during an emergency situation. 


UTSA Agencies directly involved with the ERT include:


• UTSA PD                 • Communications                   • Academic Affairs


• Human Resources     • Student Affairs                    • Information Technology


• Purchasing                • Facilities                               • Parking & Transportation


• Housing                    • Health Services                     • Counseling Services


• Finance                     • Business Auxiliary Services


• Environmental Health, Safety & Risk Management


• Institute of Texan Culture Representative


• Downtown Campus Representative