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UTSA has a REVERSE 911 program, an enhanced emergency telephone, text and email notification system for students faculty and staff. To prepare for the launch, the Office of Business Continuity and Emergency management, part of Campus Police has sought emergency contact information for all members of the UTSA community.

Once registered, individuals will be active participants in REVERSE 911 and will receive a call, email and/or text message in the event of a campus emergency. This message will give pertinent emergency information and protective actions to participants. All three UTSA campuses will be covered by the REVERSE 911 system.

Students, Faculty and Staff have begun to register their emergency alert contact information through their ASAP account. If individuals have not updated their contact information they are strongly encouraged to do so. If problems occur during registration on ASAP please email the UTSA Police Department at UTSAPD@utsa.edu. Each individual will be contacted specifically to address issues. This system is only as effective as the number of contacts in it.

A paper form is available at the UTSA PD front desk. These forms are offered in both Spanish and English. Once completed, these forms can be mailed to Tracy Merritt at UTSA PD or dropped off at the PD front desk. Individuals who do not register with REVERSE 911, will not be notified if an emergency occurs.

This system will be used to contact students and staff, not their parents, or their spouses, but with the actual person who lives, works or goes to school here,” said Donovan Agans, Director of Business Continuity and Emergency Management. “Hence REVERSE 911. Instead of you calling 911 for help, we would be calling you with a 911 emergency message.”

Reverse 911 Brochure

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Printable Form (English)

Printable Form (Spanish)

For More information or assistance please contact Tracy Merritt at 210-458-6851