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Missing your "Approval" email messages?

Option #1

In order to stop these email notifications from going to the “Junk” email folder follow these 2 steps:

  1. In Microsoft Outlook, on the Home toolbar/ribbon, select the “Junk” icon.
  2. Select the "Never Block Sender" option.

This will release the e-mail to your Inbox and the Sender will be added to the Safe Sender List. Future messages from the sender will go to your Inbox.

Option #2

  1. If the Interim Workflow Solutions forms are not routing to your Budget Authority approvers or Supervisors do the following;
    • The creator of the form needs to check their Interim Workflow Solutions Dashboard (page) and manually open the specific document.
    • The creator will copy the web link listed at the top of the form and will paste the link into a new email to send to the Budget Authority approvers.
    • The Budget Authority approver can open the pending document via the link and submit their approval.

           Elapsed Timesheet

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Updated: 07-25-2014