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Solutions to Support Unlimited Possibilities



System Testing in QA Complete and Signed-Off 12/21/2012
Finalize Outstanding Configuration Complete 12/21/2012
Grants Billing Complete 1/8/2013
Grants Billing Complete 1/11/2013
(HCM): Campus Trainers Indentified Complete 1/14/2013
(FMS): Campus Trainers Indentified Complete 1/14/2013
Modification Development Complete 1/31/2013
Permission List and Role Build Complete 1/31/2013
Business Process Guide Revisions Complete 2/1/2013
General Ledger Complete 2/7/2013
Workflow Development Complete 2/15/2013
(HCM): UPK Content Complete 2/19/2013
(FMS): UPK Content Complete 2/19/2013
Develop Reports Required for Integration Testing Complete 3/11/2013
User Security Build for Integration Testing Complete 3/15/2013
Portal Integration Complete 3/15/2013
HCM Conversion Complete 4/2/2013
FMS Data Conversion Complete 4/8/2013
Phase 3 - Data Conversion Validation in CNV Complete 4/8/2013
Campus Rady for Integration/Parallel Testing in QA 4/8/2013
Confirm Campus Sustainment Staffing 4/9/2013
HCM Interface Development Complete 5/6/2013
Campus Responsible Interface Development Complete 5/6/2013
Unit Test Campus Interfaces Complete 5/6/2013
(HCM): End Users Identified and Training Scheduled 5/24/2013
(FMS): EndUsers Identified and Training Scheduled 5/24/2013
Assets Complete 6/28/2013
Procurement Complete 7/2/2013
Technical System Performance/Load Testing Complete 7/30/2013
Commitment Control Operating Budgets Complete 7/31/2013
Campus GoLive Readiness Assessment Completed and Signed Off as Ready 8/2/2013
(HCM): Training Completed 8/7/2013
(FMS): Training Completed 8/7/2013
Develop Resports Required for GoLive 8/8/2013
Reporting Development Complete 8/8/2013
User Security Build for Production 8/8/2013
Batch Processing Schedule Complete 8/15/2013
Configure and Develop Phase Exit Review 8/15/2013
Integration/Parallel Testing in QA Complete and Signed-Off 8/15/2013
Test and Training Phase Exit Review 8/15/2013
Back Office Training Complete 8/16/2013
Grants Complete 8/20/2013
Campus Cutover Plan 8/23/2013
Ledger Data Complete 8/30/2013
Capital Projects Complete 9/4/2013
Project Transactions 9/10/2013
Deploy & Optimize Phase Exit Review 10/30/2013


Updated: 03-04-2013