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Department Administrator Reminders

Terminations are handled differently in PeopleSoft than in DEFINE

Please note the following:
  1. There are no end dates in PeopleSoft; therefore a termination form must be submitted to end the job.  If a termination form is not submitted to end the job, employees who are paid monthly will get overpaid.

  2. Departments must not to terminate an employee until they have completed working.  If time is worked after a termination date, the employee will NOT get paid until the next regular pay date.

  3. All employees paid monthly are paid their full salary unless a termination is submitted to Human Resources (HR) to end their job/assignment by mid-month:
    • Timekeepers must enter the terminating employee’s time and absences into PeopleSoft.
    • The Department Administrator must then submit a “Review/Request Job Record Change for Employee” form to terminate the employee. 
    • If an employee works past their termination date, this time cannot be paid until the termination date is changed.  This creates significant work to correct and may delay the employee’s paycheck.
  1. Departments must request a termination for monthly GRA’s/TA’s, etc. – HR will not enter terminations automatically. 
    • These positions are salaried and will get paid up to the termination date whether or not hours are submitted. 
    • The Department Administrator must submit a “Review/Request Job Record Change for Employee” form to terminate the employee and ensure that the employee will no longer be working.
  1. Departments must verify with their timekeeper that all timesheets have been submitted for an employee before submitting a termination request.  Timesheets cannot be submitted after an employee’s termination date.

Additional Reminders:

  • HR can no longer process retroactive hires.  Departments must submit hire requests in advance of the hire date according to the processing calendar on the HR website.   Be sure to attach all required paperwork to the hire request.

  • Positions must match the number of hours that the employee is assigned. 

  • Newly hired non-benefit eligible employees and newly hired students must complete the online I-9, W-4, and Biographical information in PeopleSoft.  Departments are asked to verify that hired/rehired employees complete this information in Employee Self Service (ESS).

  • CBC, STARS, and benefits eligible processing has not changed due to PeopleSoft.  Please continue to use these processes and adhere to their deadlines. 


Updated: 07-30-2014