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Spotlight June 2014

Congratulations UTSA!

We’re into a full month of processing business transactions in the new UTShare/PeopleSoft system.

More functionality is planned for release to UTShare/PeopleSoft later this year, and many work-around processes will be replaced with automated solutions.

We are aware of the problems and challenges facing users during this time of familiarization with UTShare/PeopleSoft and the new business processes.  Please be patient with yourself and others as we gain more experience and knowledge in our transition to UTShare/PeopleSoft.  Also, please continue to reach out for support, as needed, by contacting the PeopleSoft Support & Sustainment Center (PSSC) and Back Offices (Central Processing Areas).

A Few Key Points for Using UTShare/PeopleSoft

General Overview on Using UTShare/PeopleSoft

The UTShare/PeopleSoft system pages are structured as a series of “tabs”.
What each user sees in UTShare/PeopleSoft is largely dependent on a person’s
job role in the University and the associated security level access to perform
their related system activities.


Reminders When Using UTShare/PeopleSoft

  1. For all approval required transactions, your first step is to complete and submit the approval form using the Interim Workflow Solutions followed by entry in the UTShare/PeopleSoft system.
  2. Log out of UTShare/PeopleSoft when not in use.
  3. Do not use the Back button on your browser while in UTShare/PeopleSoft. This UTShare/PeopleSoft function does not work consistently.
  4. Employees and supervisors are reminded to submit timesheets to their timekeeper on time. Timesheet Deadlines are posted at .
  5. Paychecks are available to view in Employee Self Service (ESS) one (1) calendar day before the employee’s pay date.  Calendars for pay dates are posted on the Payroll website, at .
  6. Leave accruals for the current month will be visible in ESS typically around the 17th of each month.  Absence balances in ESS are current as of the 15th of the month or the last day of the month.  They update twice per month at the end of each semi-monthly payroll cycle.
  7. Employees experiencing issues logging into UTShare/PeopleSoft should contact PSSC at 458-SPOC (7762).

Administrative Staff Publication

A special administrative staff publication is scheduled to be released later this month to assist with performing departmental transactions and business processes using UTShare/PeopleSoft.

Need Help?

Reference the PSSC Knowledgebase

Reference the PSSC Knowledgebase before submitting a SPOC ticket; valuable information and answers are available at your fingertips.

Contact UTSA’s PeopleSoft Support

The PSSC team is here to support you!  If you have any questions and/or need help, please contact us.

Submit a SPOC ticket (one question per ticket) 


Call the PSSC at 458-SPOC (7762) 

Visit the UTShare Website at