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Spotlight February 2014

How do I get ready for UTSA’s UTShare/PeopleSoft Go-Live?

To assist with the transition from DEFINE and its related systems (UTDirect, HRMS and Point Plus) to PeopleSoft, several resources are available to the campus including:
  • Open Forum Sessions - Two sessions, (April 3rd and 14th) for  Unit Administrators and Senior Administrative staff for answering questions, reviewing major changes and key awareness points.
  • Cutover Activities Calendar - Cutover activities refer to the dates that DEFINE and related systems’ transactions will end in order to prepare data for transfer into UTShare/PeopleSoft.  Similar to the approach used at Fiscal Year-end, the Cutover Activities calendar assists Departments with processing end dates. 
  • Guide for the Transition to UTShare/PeopleSoft An online reference document describing new business processes occurring at UTSA. 
  • UTShare/PeopleSoft Training - Classroom and online training for the UTSA campus community.       

UTShare/PeopleSoft Go-Live

Go-Live is May 2014 with human resource, purchasing, and financial functionality.  In addition, several Employee Self Service (ESS) functions will be available, including the ability to view and edit personal data, view your work schedule, and add/edit direct deposit information.  Faculty and employees’ login access to UTShare/PeopleSoft starts Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

Additional functionality regarding workflow will be released Fall 2014 through Spring 2015, as outlined by the UTShare/PeopleSoft Revised Deployment Plan.   Our new system and associated process changes are significant.  The phased deployment approach will allow UTShare Shared Services to work through changes, as needed.  The revised Deployment Plan can be found on the UTShare/PeopleSoft website under “Learn More About UTShare” at:   

If you have any questions about how the deployment approach may impact your Departmental activities on PeopleSoft, please contact the PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center (PSSC) at 458-SPOC (7762).  Together, we will make this a successful implementation.

UTShare/PeopleSoft Open Forums

The UTShare/PeopleSoft Project Team will conduct Open Forum sessions on April 3, 2014 and April 14, 2014 for Unit Administrators and Senior Administrative staff.  Two Forums are planned to accommodate seating and both Forums will cover the same agenda.

  • The Forums will be held on UTSA Main campus, at University Center in the Retama Auditorium, 2.02.02, from
    2:00 – 4:00 pm

Agenda topics include:

  • General overview of UTShare/PeopleSoft
  • Review of major changes and key awareness points
  • Demonstration of  UTShare/PeopleSoft functionality
  • Opportunity for questions and answers

Cutover Activities Calendar

Cutover to UTShare/PeopleSoft will be similar to the approach used at Fiscal Year-end.

What to Expect at Cutover:

    • Conversion from DEFINE/UTDirect to UTShare/PeopleSoft will occur from May 1st – May 12th
    • UTSA campus access to UTShare/PeopleSoft starts May 13th
    • DEFINE and its related systems (UTDirect, HRMS and Point Plus) will no longer be used to conduct University business

Human Resources, Finance and Purchasing cutover dates were distributed to Administrative staff.  A copy of the cutover activity dates and calendars can be found on the UTSA UTShare website under the Change Management tab at:

Guide for the Transition to UTShare/PeopleSoft

The Guide is intended to provide an overview of major changes and key awareness points to assist UTSA Faculty and Staff with the transition to UTShare/PeopleSoft.   It is available on the UTSA UTShare website under the Change Management tab at:

Have a Suggestion or Need More Information?

Have an idea or perhaps need more help? Contact PeopleSoft Project team, your Single Point of Contact!

UTSA’s PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment center (PSSC) is operational and available for all faculty and staff questions about the PeopleSoft system and implementation.  A dedicated team is ready to answer your questions through one single-point of contact (SPOC) at UTSA!  There are three ways to contact us:

  1. Call the PSSC at 458-SPOC  (7762)
  2. Visit the UTShare Website:
    Click on the SPOC icon to open a ticket within the PeopleSoft ticketing system.  Submit one question per ticket.
  3. Email the PSSC:


For any policy or business related questions, please contact the Human Resources, Financial Affairs and Purchasing Departments.