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Spotlight February 2014

May 13, 2014 Go-Live

We are pleased to announce Campus-wide access to UTShare/PeopleSoft. Please take time to read this document in its entirety as it contains important information.

Key Points

How to access and login to UTShare/PeopleSoft?

Step 1: 

Direct access to UTShare/PeopleSoft is at UTSA’s main website, from the myUTSA drop-down menu selection >> UTShare/PeopleSoft.

Step 2: 

Login with myUTSA ID (abc123) and passphrase.


How do I locate my UTShare/PeopleSoft Employee ID for Timesheet reporting?

In the Employee Self Service pagelet, select the “My Time Summary” link to locate your Employee ID.


Where are the new Timesheets located?

Timesheet forms are available on the Payroll Management Services and UTShare's Interim Workflow Solutions website.



What are the steps to complete a Timesheet?

Step 1: 

Know your Department Timekeeper and be aware of their PeopleSoft time reporting deadlines.

Step 2: 

Your Department Timekeeper will advise you which Timesheet to use and method (either printable Timesheets or the Employee electronic Timesheets within Interim Workflow Solutions).
Punched Timesheet:  Used by Classified Salary Non-exempt, Hourly, and Work-Study employees.
Elapsed Timesheet:  Used by A&P, Classified Salary Exempt, Faculty, Salaried Students (GRA, GTA, RAs).  

Links to Timesheets:

Step 3: 

Record your hours worked or absences as appropriate.

Step 4: 

Submit Timesheet to your immediate supervisor for their signature approval (electronic or written).

Step 5: 

Your Department Timekeeper will enter your timesheet information into PeopleSoft.


Interim Workflow Solution Forms - Approval Process

Where are the Interim Workflow Solution forms located?



Additional PeopleSoft Resources, Tools and Information

Where can I find my Department Budget Balances?

Account budget balances are available in the Commitment Control menu for individuals who are authorized to view account balance balances, expenses and encumbrances.

PeopleSoft Budget Balance Navigation:
PeopleSoft Main Menu >> Commitment Control >> Review Budget Activities >> Budget Overview


UTSA Chart of Accounts Crosswalks references in PeopleSoft

Crosswalk lookups are available in PeopleSoft for individuals authorized to view account balances.  The crosswalk tool maps DEFINE values to UTShare/PeopleSoft (Cost Centers), Departments (DEPTID) and Accounts to assist with determining new Chartfield translations.   No financial data is associated with the crosswalk; it is only a translation tool. 

PeopleSoft Crosswalk Lookup Navigations:

DEFINE Budget Group to Cost Center: 
PeopleSoft Main Menu >> UT Share FMS Conversion >> UT Systems PS COA Xwalk
DEFINE Legacy Unit Code to Department ID: 
PeopleSoft Main Menu >> UT Share FMS Conversion >> UT Systems PS Dept Xwalk
DEFINE Object Code to Account: 
PeopleSoft Main Menu >> UT Share FMS Conversion >> Object Code to GL Account Xwalk


UTSA Back Office processing and support during Go-Live

Back Offices (Central Processing Areas) may be delayed in fulfilling Department requests during the Go-Live transition period.  Your patience and understanding is appreciated during this time.


Need Help?

Reach out for your Change Leader

Your Department Change Leader can assist you with UTShare/PeopleSoft information and resources.  Locate your nearest Change Leader via the list located at:

UTSA’s PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center (PSSC)

The PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center (PSSC) team is here to support you!  If you have any questions and/or need help, please contact us in one of the three following ways:

  • Submit a SPOC ticket (one question per ticket)   
  • Visit the UTShare Website:
    Click on the SPOC icon to open a ticket within the PeopleSoft ticketing system. 

  • Email the PSSC:
  • Call the PSSC at 458-SPOC (7762)
  • SPOC