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Meet the Change Leaders

Nathan Flory

November 2013

Recently we had the opportunity to interview UTSA Change Leader Nathan Flory, Administrative Service Officer for the office of Financial Aid.

Nathan and his team of work-study students are communicating the message about UTShare / PeopleSoft in a most creative way.  By preparing the UTShare/ PeopleSoft “door” display in the hallway as a visual, Nathan’s creative techniques are working to get the message of UTShare/PeopleSoft out to the Student Affairs and Financial Aid departments. 

Nathan Flory
Left to right, Nathan Flory, Adam Gomez, and Melanie Spiller

Tell us about you, your role at UTSA Student Affairs and Financial Aid department.

I am the Administrative Service Officer for the office. I oversee the department Budget, Purchasing, Travel, HR issues, etc.

How long have you been with UTSA?

I have been on staff with UTSA for 8 yrs. All eight years have been in the Financial Aid office in various roles ranging from Financial Aid  Customer Service, Processing, Reconciliation,   Compliance to now Administration for the past 2 ½ yrs.

Prior to UTSA, what were you doing?

After college I worked for a year with a church in Lyon, France and another year in Business customer service with Citi-Bank.  This short time also included being part of small team that handled transitional customer service for a smaller bank being acquired by Citi-bank.

How did you become a Change Leader to the UTShare / PeopleSoft implementation?

I was asked to be part of this group. Perhaps because I am a technological orientated person or because of my current role using the interfaces that are changing.

How long have you been a Change Leader at UTSA?

Since September of 2012

What are activities you are doing in your department to prepare the team for UTShare /PeopleSoft?

Up to this point I have provided updates to our manager team, solicited one-on-one feedback from several teams within our department regarding their fears/concerns, provided general announcement in an all staff meeting with demonstration of ESS and now providing the visual display within the office. 

How did the idea of the “door” and info graphic reference with the creative approach come to mind?

I am a visual learner so any outlines, flow charts, sectional graphics etc. really help me. I suppose I thought of doing this a while ago it was just a matter of having time to get something up.  J

Are there others who have helped you to finalize the display?

Yes! I had two work-study students help print, cut and tape up the display. They are Freshman Melanie Spiller and Junior Adam Gomez.

How has the department responded to the “info graphic” and the UTShare / PeopleSoft messages overall?

So far just several people stop outside the door to stare (and hopefully read).  This is probably because it was something new in the hallway. I will have to change it up a bit later on to keep it “Fresh”

What is the most challenging aspect, right now, of being in the Change Lead role?

I would say the most challenging aspect of being a change leader is finding the time to transition my thoughts towards something that is happening in the future that I have little control over when there is so much day to day work to do now.  Also, not having all the answers for questions that are asked is challenging.

What are the highlights of being in the Change Lead role? And, what surprises you the most?

It’s a privilege to be a small part of such a huge under taking that is simultaneously impacting our university and others. I love to learn and experience new systems and interfaces so being able to see a bit of the inside of the work is exciting. I am surprised at just how much time and work is involved with this transition on so many levels.

What inspiration or advice might you offer other Change Leaders at UTSA?

I guess, just remember that we are all in this together and that there is no going back. So unless there is constructive feedback, simply complaining really does no good.

Other comments about the project team, PeopleSoft Support and Sustainment Center, etc. that you’d like to share?

I see and appreciate how you all are working not only on the actual project itself but also on the communication out to the university as a whole. I can only imagine the challenge of striving to meet all the diverse expectations of the shareholders involved on this project.

Updated: 11-20-2013