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MSEIP Teacher Workshops

We believe that the key to attracting more high-need minority students into science and engineering is to engage them early at middle and high school levels, even in elementary school level. Science teachers provide the critical conduit between K-12 students and science and engineering community. Each year, we invited 20 science teachers to participate a week-long Earth science workshop, including four days of in-door science and hands on technology and one day of field trip dedicated in exploring local geology and water/petroleum resources/facilities. So they can be the project's automated conduits to hundreds of K-12 students. Each educator was paid a stipend of $300 to attend the workshop. Other expenses (refreshments, meals, parking, etc.) were also covered by the program and other allowable non-federal funds.

We also paired the supported 15 MSEIP UTSA students with these teachers, so that teachers could make arrangement for these students to give at least one presentation (per year) to their K-12 classrooms. These UTSA minority students are the role models to K-12 students who would be inspired to consider science and engineering as a career possibility if they have meaningful contact with aspiring scientists and are given insight into possible careers in Earth science and/or environmental engineering.

Workshop Activities: June 18-22, 2018

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The third week-long teachers workshop was successfully conducted and 16 teachers attended the workshop. The content included lectures from four PIs (Drs. Lambert, Sharif, Gao, and Xie) covering historic geology and stratigraphy, water cycle and global change, hydrogeology and Karst, Cryosphere and Ice, as well as hands-on experiences on fossils, rocks, VizLab, drone, field trips to local geology and water resources. All teachers were very happy and enjoyed the entire workshop and experiences. For example, in the end of workshop survey, one teacher wrote "The workshops were quite interesting and taught me about other parts of the world as well as opened my eyes to new places in SA (San Antonio) to gain more knowledge about geology/environment of our earth;" another teacher wrote "....Thank you so much for opportunity to be part of this experience; each professor was so impressive with all the experiences they shared alone with information." Some teachers also offered comments and suggestions for improvements, such as more hands on, more focused on grade levels, etc.. Overall, we were encouraged and would like to do it again and do it even better if we are funded again.

Workshop Activities: June 12-16, 2017

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The second week-long teachers workshop was successfully conducted and 20 teachers attended the workshop.

Workshop Activities: June 13-17, 2016

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Topic B

June 13, 2016

Earth History (Lambert

Stratigraphy (Lambert)

Stratigraphy Lab (Lambert)

June 14, 2016

Hydrogeology (Gao)

Caves and Karst (Gao)

Water Sampling and Analysis (Gao)

June 15, 2016

One-Day Field Trip (Lambert)

June 16, 2016

Water Cycle (Sharif)

Global Change (Sharif)

NASA Tools (Sharif)

June 17, 2016

Global Cryosphere (Xie)

Snow and Ice (Xie)

Geographic Information System and Remote Sensing (Xie)

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