Alertus e-Panic Button Guide

The Alertus e-Panic Button is installed on all UTS-managed classroom computers, including those in common meeting spaces, as well as on all faculty and staff computers. You can verify that your computer has the e-Panic button by checking the following locations:

  • On your taskbar, look for the red button icon in the notification icons section. Notification icons are found near the digital clock on the lower right corner of your screen. You may need to click the upward arrow "^" to view all icons.
  • Additionally, you can access the program from the "Start" menu. Search for "Alertus Desktop" and locate the Alertus Desktop icon, which looks like a yellow circle accompanied by a small red button.

Activating the e-Panic Button

In the event of an emergency, activate the e-Panic button by following these steps:

  1. Select the e-Panic button from one of the locations noted above. A pop-up window titled "Request Emergency Assistance" will appear.
  2. Enter the information requested. Three fields are required: building name, room number and incident type.
    • If you do not know the exact room number, list the floor or office suite name to indicate your whereabouts.
  3. If time permits, include your name, phone number and a brief description of the emergency you are reporting. This helps dispatchers and police officers determine what resources will be needed.
  4. Press "Send Alert." Your e-Panic button message will immediately be sent to UTSAPD dispatch. Click "Ok" on the confirmation page to dismiss the confirmation message.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the e-Panic button malfunctions in an emergency, immediately call UTSAPD at (210) 458-4911.

If you are testing your e-panic button and experience an issue in a non-emergency setting, call UTS at (210) 458-5555 or open a ticket with Tech Cafe.

Yes. Please coordinate with your department IT administrator and with UTS. They can work together to get the client installed on your computer.

It depends. If your laptop is UTS-supported, then you should have the client. If it is department-managed, refer to the question above for installation.

No. This function is only available when you are on the UTSA network.

Some Windows 10 users may see a prompt requiring an administrator approval to use Alertus; however, you can click “approve” at the bottom of the prompt to proceed. You do not need administrator approval to use the e-Panic button.

If you are using a projector in a classroom or conference room, you may be able to pause active projection of your screen prior to activating the e-Panic button. On podiums with touchscreens, select the “Projector Mute” button; on older podiums with manual buttons, select “Pic Mute” next to the power on/off buttons.

Not all classrooms have these projector options, so please familiarize yourself with classroom technology.

Check the "Classroom:" label on your computer monitor. If you are at a podium with a touchscreen, there should be a similar label with the room number on the podium's monitor.


For additional technical or installation questions, contact UTS at (210) 458-5555, or open a service request with the Tech Cafe ServiceNow portal. For all other Alertus questions, contact Risk and Emergency Management at (210) 458-5250 or via email at