Construction Safety Program

The Construction Safety Program is designed to minimize risks and protect the UTSA community as the university continues to grow. This is achieved through safety training, construction site inspections and environmental monitoring.

Construction Site Inspections

To ensure contractors are following safety standards and industry best practices, our team regularly conducts inspections of the working conditions at on-campus construction sites. We assess these sites to ensure that appropriate equipment and procedures are in use to protect those at the worksite as well surrounding areas.


SA 0471: Basic Safety for Maintenance. This course discusses many basic safety issues encountered during our daily work tasks, including physical safety, personnel protection, weather-related issues and basic everyday safety.

SA 0455: Asbestos & Indoor Air Quality. This course provides an informational overview of asbestos, its health effects and procedures for dealing with asbestos at UTSA to comply with state and federal regulations and minimize potential exposure risks.

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