Occupational Health

Contact Occupational Health at utsaohp@utsa.edu or (210) 458-5304

The University of Texas at San Antonio is committed to providing a safe and productive working environment for all employees, students, and volunteers. The university provides the Occupational Health Program (OHP) for all individuals working within UTSA animal facilities, and those with potential exposure to certain biological, chemical, and other physical hazards.

The OHP design is accomplished through assessment, management, education, and preventive medicine. The medical surveillance component is critical for an effective occupational health program. This program applies to all University of Texas at San Antonio employees and students working under certain research protocols. Level of participation in the OHP is based on risk assessment. Participants are organized into risk categories reflecting the specific surveillance needs of the individuals based on the specific species of animals and/or biological, chemical, radiation and mechanical hazards they are potentially exposed to as part of their duties.

Medical Surveillance

The occupational health team will assess health risks through review of individual risk assessments, work histories, possible physical assessments and biological testing. This review will establish a baseline in order to monitor future health as it relates to occupational hazards

Clinical Program

The occupational health team reviews all enrollment paperwork, including immunization documentation. Participants are offered immunizations for worker health based on their work area, potential exposures, and any state or federal requirements. Immunizations, fit testing, spirometry, and any other work required testing are done at the Occupational Health and Wellness Center. On site physician visits for respiratory medical evaluation and physical exams are scheduled through the Occupational Health Coordinator. All questionnaires and exam records with personal health information are maintained according to federal and state guidelines.


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