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Registration Instructions

To register a child for attendance at the CDC, the parent/legal guardian must:

  • meet the CDC eligibility requirements listed below on this page
  • present a valid Student or Faculty/Staff ID
  • pay a registration fee of $120.00 per year per child
  • pay a supply fee of $240.00 per year per child.

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is available in PDF format. If you do not have Adobe Reader on your computer, please click on the Adobe Reader link to download it for free.

Wait List Sign-up

The parent/guardian can add his/her child(ren) to the CDC Waiting List online and does not need to submit a request through the Waiting List after the child is admitted to the Center.

Eligibility Requirements

Infants and children ages 6 weeks to 4 years as of September 1 of the relevant academic year are eligible for enrollment in the CDC if their parents are currently UTSA students, faculty, or staff.

In order for a student’s child (ren) to attend the Center, they must be enrolled and maintain fulltime status in a degree-seeking program (12 hours for an undergraduate student and 9 hours for agraduate student).

Faculty/staff must be benefits-eligible (appointed at least 20 hours a week with an appointment time of at least 4.5 months). Families with at least one parent or guardian who meets the definition of a faculty/staff member can only receive contracted services at faculty/staff rates and are not eligible for student rates.

Children with special needs will be admitted if the Center has the ability to provide the required services. If a child is withdrawn during the summer, he/she may not have a space available at the beginning of the next school year as openings cannot be held. However, the child will be given priority for admission on the fall semester waiting list. If a child is withdrawn at any other time, the child will be removed from or placed at the bottom of the return waiting list at the request of the parent.