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Serife Tekin, Ph.D.
Lutcher Brown Fellowship

The Lutcher Brown Fellowship was established in 2020 with funds from the Lutcher Brown Endowment for Academic Excellence in order to help recently tenured faculty accelerate the success of their research. The fellowship is a one-year, nonrecurring honorific appointment. Fellows are nominated by academic leadership and selected by the provost through a competitive process.

Serife Tekin, Ph.D.

Lutcher Brown Fellowship

Associate Professor, Philosophy and Classics  

Academic Director of the Medical Humanities Program

Serife Tekin’s research is changing the nature of mental health care. With three edited books, nine book chapters, 17 refereed journal articles and numerous invited keynotes, talks, blog posts and conferences, Tekin’s notoriety and leadership in her field advances UTSA on its path to becoming a premier research institution. 

Tekin’s research program engages the first-person narratives of those who suffer from mental disorders with the scientific and clinical research on psychology. In this way, her research will improve mental health, research, treatment, and policy as well as be a resourceful pedagogical training guide. Recognizing the impact of her research, the College of Liberal and Fine Arts awarded Tekin the Researcher of the Year Award in 2021.

Outside of running her research program and working on a new manuscript, Tekin is the internship director of the Medical Humanities Program and a member of both UTSA’s Health Professions Advisory Council and the College of Liberal and Fine Arts’ Committee on Research and Creative Activities. Within her department, Tekin serves on a variety of committees and is the Medical Humanities Library Liaison, Philosophy Library Liaison, Colloquium Organizer, and Philosophy Club faculty advisor. Tekin is also on one Philosophy Ph.D. thesis committee and three M.A. thesis committees. 

Within the philosophy community, Tekin serves as co-chair for the Diversity and Climate Committee of the Philosophy of Science Association. Tekin is also a mentor in the association’s Underrepresented Philosophy of Science Scholar Mentorship Program. Tekin is a referee for several prominent journals, including Synthese, Hypatia, Philosophical Psychology and the British Journal for Philosophy of Science. She is an editor for PhilPapers and a member of the editorial board for the Studies in History and Philosophy of Science Part C. 

Tekin received her Ph.D. in philosophy from York University and joined UTSA in 2018 as an assistant professor. She was recently promoted to associate professor with tenure and became the academic director of the Medical Humanities Program in 2021. Tekin will be the Visiting Fellow at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh in 2022.