UTSA Marketplace

What Is UTSA Marketplace?

UTSA Marketplace is a self-contained, e-commerce solution that combines online storefronts with inventory control, order fulfillment and financial reporting. It provides a familiar and intuitive interface for the university's online shoppers and store administrators.

UTSA Marketplace allows you to customize your store to meet the diverse needs of your department or organization. It provides branded style sheets, helpful messaging, images, layouts, pricing suggestions and promotional ideas. The platform integrates with Global Payments, resulting in a seamless checkout process for credit card payments.

UTSA Marketplace Benefits

  • Offers non-technical users an easy way to customize and maintain their storefront.
  • Allows shoppers to buy various products or register for events in an online mall setting, similar to the "Amazon" experience.
  • Eliminates the need for departments to take cash and deposit transmittal forms to Fiscal Services.
  • Eliminates the need for departments to secure cash in the office.
  • Removes payment data from existing campus applications for greater transaction security and easier compliance reporting.
  • Online payments will feed into the daily PeopleSoft revenue journal, just as if the payments were taken to Fiscal Services.
  • Departments can pull and customize revenue and inventory reports.
  • uPay allows departments to integrate existing websites or web applications into a central, secure, payment system using Global Payments.


uPay is a companion product that works seamlessly behind the scenes. It allows customers to easily check out and pay for services using a credit card or ACH (electronic check). For departments that have an existing website or web application, uPay allows you to integrate into a central, secure payment system.

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Get Started With UTSA Marketplace

  • Submit a UTSA Marketplace application to Fiscal Services.
  • Fiscal Services will review the application, then meet with your store representative to tailor the storefront to meet the needs of the department.
  • Fiscal Services creates the UTSA Marketplace test site.
  • You review and test your storefront.
  • Fiscal Services creates the live store.
  • You review final store setup.
  • Your UTSA Marketplace store goes live!
  • Fiscal Services will provide the appropriate training and development tools to maintain your UTSA Marketplace store.

UTSA Marketplace "Mall" Landing Page

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