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Standing Committees

Core Curriculum Assessment Committee

The Core Curriculum Assessment Committee will oversee the on-going assessment of the core curriculum to ensure that each core course is appropriately assessed based on state mandated requirements and objectives. To facilitate continuity and communication, the Associate Vice Provost for Core Curriculum & QEP will serve as chair of the Core Curriculum Assessment Committee. Members shall serve two-year terms. No member shall be eligible to serve more than two consecutive terms.

The Core Curriculum Assessment Committee will:

  • ensure that each core course is regularly assessed and
  • submit an annual report to the Core Curriculum Committee concerning the on-going evaluation of the University’s core curriculum.  The report will be due no later than September 1 of each academic year.

Structure: 9 or more members

At least 1 faculty member from each college or area in which core courses are housed such that all components are represented
Representative from the Writing Program
Assistant Vice-Provost for Assessment (ex officio)
Associate Vice Provost for QEP-Core Curriculum (ex officio), Chair


Mark Blizard

College of Architecture, Construction and Planning


Jennifer Yin College of Business 8/31/2016
Randy Manteufel College of Engineering 8/31/2015
Erica Sosa College of Education and Human Development 8/31/2015
Steven Levitt College of Liberal and Fine Arts 8/31/2015
Branco Ponomariov College of Public Policy 8/31/2015
Qi Tian College of Sciences 8/31/2016
Lindsay Ratcliffe Writing Program 8/31/2015
Kim Kline Assistant Vice Provost for Assessment Ex officio
Nancy Martin, Chair Associate Vice Provost for QEP-Core Curriculum Ex officio
Last updated 8/25/2014