Report Center

In today’s fast-paced and data-driven environment, Institutional Research and Analysis understands that you would like university data to be applicable, current, and convenient. With this in mind, Institutional Research and Analysis has created The Report Center that provides access to institutional data for UTSA Faculty and Staff. The Report Center contains various dashboards (data visualizations) and paginated reports designed to be:

  • Applicable – Filters are provided, which allows you to focus on specific data or populations, e.g. college, department, student type, etc.
  • Current – Updates are automatic, which provides you access to the most recent data available, e.g. daily, semester, annual, etc.
  • Convenient – Content is arranged by topic, which helps you to easily locate the information needed, e.g. enrollment, courses, student success.

The Report Center is limited to Deans, Directors, Department Chairs and the Senior Leadership Team. To request access for additional staff, e.g., administrative support staff, please login to The Report Center and submit an Access Request Form on their behalf.

Users off campus or on a wireless device, you must be connected to the UTSA network though VPN. If you have problems with the VPN, contact