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Campus-Wide Emails

We aim to maintain the integrity of email as a vital communication tool to share important institutional information.

To ensure that email communication is prioritized and coordinated, designated UTSA offices have oversight regarding mass emails sent to current and incoming students, faculty and staff.


I want to Send an Email To:

Current Students

Academic Strategic Communications

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Incoming/Prospective Students

Enrollment Marketing and Communications

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Faculty Only

Academic Strategic Communications


Rebecca Luther, Director of Academic Strategic Communications

Faculty and Staff

University Strategic Communications


Shea Conner, Multimedia Editor III, University Strategic Communications


UTSA News and Leadership Emails

The following guidelines have been established regarding campus-wide emails sent from or from one of UTSA’s Vice Presidents.

  • Sending a campus-wide email from UTSA News may be considered when the message is institutional in nature, highly relevant to the entire community, and not from a specific individual or administrative unit.
    • Examples: National Night Out, discounted event tickets for faculty/staff/students, announcement of leadership hire
    • Sending address:
    • Header: UTSA News
    • Include: Contact for more information
    • Contact: Shea Conner, Multimedia Editor III, University Strategic Communications
  • Campus-wide emails from the president or a specific vice president/administrator occur when the message is personally from them, as opposed as a general one from their unit.
    • Examples: Initiative launch, campus issue, major institutional announcement
    • Sending address: generic administrator account (,, etc.)
    • Header: Administrator/area specific
    • Contact: Anne Peters, Associate Vice President for Marketing & Special Projects


Not Receiving Emails?

A number of factors may prevent a student, faculty or staff member from receiving emails from UTSA entities. The offices listed below can help to troubleshoot when a member of the Roadrunner community isn’t receiving official/campus-wide UTSA emails.


UTSA emails to students are sent through one of two offices: Academic Strategic Communications or Enrollment Marketing, Communications, and Systems

Students are given the option to opt-out of various types of emails, which may prevent them from receiving certain messages. In addition, a student’s enrollment status may impact whether or not they are included on certain email sends.

Students who are not receiving UTSA emails should send a message to for investigation and troubleshooting.

Faculty and Staff

The University Technology Solutions manages UTSA’s global distribution lists for faculty and staff. The distribution lists are updated regularly based on current employee appointment data provided by Human Resources.

Faculty or staff who are not receiving emails sent to the faculty and/or staff distribution lists should contact the Tech Café for investigation and troubleshooting.


UTSA occasionally sends university updates to family members of current students through the Family Association. Joining the Family Association is free, and a great way to stay connected with the university.

Parents and other family members who wish to receive update emails from UTSA without joining the Family Association may do so by filling out this request form.


Alumni who wish to receive email updates about UTSA and the UTSA Alumni Association may request to be added to the mailing list by contacting Alumni Relations at